Port of Loksa

About the Company

Established in the year 1905, Loksa Shipyard Ltd. is located on the northern coast of Estonia, in the township of Loksa, just about 65 kilometres from Tallinn.
The Company is specialized in fabrication and painting different large-sized non-standard steel structures.
Massive steel structures, fabricated in the hundreds of tons range, up to 580 tons, are loaded onto barges by means of the multi wheeler platforms (Roll-On Roll-Off)
Fabricated steel structures can be also delivered as completely painted, as well as with additionally installed equipment.
Production Capabilities
Major activities of the Company:
  • Design and engineering
  • Loading/unloading and storage of material
  • Preliminary treatment of rolled product surfaces, fabrication of steel structures and installation of equipment/ outfitting
  • Painting works
  • Loading and seafastening

Main units and production capacities:
  • Total area: 190 000 m2
  • Total production area of the premises under roof: 58,900 m2
  • Storage of steel plates : 5500m2, with cranes 32t and 18.5t
  • Storage of profiles: 900м2, with 10t crane
  • Production line for preliminary treatment and priming of steel rolled products
  • Up-to-date shop for cutting steel rolled products, with seven plasma cutting and one gas cutting machines
  • Profile plasma cutting line PCL-600
  • Machines for bevelling
  • Equipment for drilling, turning and milling
  • Five production units for fabrication of blocks and assemblies, with the gate sizes of LxH 22mx10m, and weight of a fabricated structure up to 580 tons
  • Welding portals, with two machines kW4000, with welding semi-automatic devices
  • Assembly portal "Pema 13500“
  • Welding robot "MOTOMAN“
  • Semi-automatic and manual welding machines
  • Bending Presses with a bending capacity up to 500 tons by 10 м long items, and 600 tons by 4.2 m.
  • Universal press, with capacity up to 400 tons and up to 2.8m for corrugating steel sheets
  • Three shot blasting and painting chambers, max. LxBxH= 32mx32mx15m
  • “MAFI” platform with the load capacity of 350 tons
  • “Nicolas” platform with the load capacity of 100 tons
  • Hydraulic trolleys for skidding loads up to 130 tons
  • Forklifts max. 7.0 tons

Steel Structures of any type, sizes and weight
  • Crane girders
  • Platforms and ramps
  • All types of foundations
  • Steel fittings, stairways, railings, platforms, etc.
  • Bridge sections
  • Any type of conveyers
  • Port loading lines
  • Modules, including dwelling modules for off-shore installations
  • Other industrial equipment

  • Vessel hatch covers (completely fabricated and finished for erection, i.e. painted, with installed fittings, and inspected)
  • Vessel blocks
  • Outfitting for vessel blocks: ladders, railings, pipelines, electric outfitting, etc.
  • Pontoon hatches of hoisting type for containerships of different dimensions
  • Large hatches and internal closure systems for RO-RO containerships
  • Rolling hatch covers and folding hatch covers
  • Transverse/cross frames and boxes for containerships with outfitting and painting
  • Bulkheads, with outfitting and painting
  • Stools (lower parts of vessel bulkheads), including mounting of pipelines
  • Engine room bulkheads, with outfitting
  • Vessel compartments and spaces
  • Large foundations and seatings
  • Blocks with moderately cambered external shell plating (curved blocks)
  • Breakwater structures
  • Container pedestals
  • Coamings
  • Barges and pontoons
  • Supporting structures for heating stations
  • Transport beams and heavy steel structures
  • Pier for Roll-on Roll-Off operations
  • Protected harbour, with 340m long berth line and 4.5 m depth
  • Port cranes for loading onto vessels and barges, with capacity of 10, 20 and gantry crane 100 tons
  • Basin for loading onto barge: LxBxT – 55x26x3.3
  • Two tugboats of 440kW and 220 kW


Quayside Locations :
Nr Name Tehnical data
  1. Quay nr 1 The length / depth = 84 m/-4,0 m
  2. Quay nr 2 The length / depth = 134 m/4,6 m
  3. Quay nr 3 The length / depth = 120m/4,1 m
  4. Quay nr 4 The length / depth = 45m/3,7m
  5. Ferries pool The length / depth – 55х25х3,1 m
  6. Quay 2 Ramp The length –37 m
  7. The port crane Lifting capacity – 20 t
  8. The port crane Lifting capacity – 10 t
  9. Gantry crane Lifting capacity – 100 t
  10. Storage Goods 5000 m2
  11. Storage Goods 16000 m2
  12. Transportation goals
  13. Goods weight Maximum 60 t