RASMAN Group is presented in the market since 2007. offering mostly light brands of bunker fuels as well as lubricants for commercial vessels and yachts in all ports of Estonia and offshore Tallinn as well as other Baltic Sea ports, delivering fuels and lubricants by modern tank trucks with heaters and blenders or by bunker barge on Baltic Sea.

 The most common bunker fuel grades available: (Specification: ISO 8217:2005/2010)
EN 590 0.005% and 0.001% -price of request
MGO DMX and DMA 0.1% -price of request
MDO DMB and DMC 0,1% -price of request
IFO-380cst RMG 380 HS -price of request
IFO-380cst RMG 380 LS -price of request
IFO-180cst RMG 180 HS -price of request
IFO-180cst RME 180 LS -price of request

Also we act as bunker broker in the North Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea ports, having more than 100 different suppliers worldwide with whom we cooperate close and who may provide you (via us) good discounts for your orders. Our Company has all the expertise to deliver this confidential, cost advantage service, guaranteeing average discount is 10-12%

Please register at our web page to leave the bunker request into our database and our agents shall immediately contact!

If you cannot find what you need on the website we are very happy to deal with your special enquiry- so please email us at info@rasman.ee or contact us via telephone on +372 53332250